Don't doubt Mt. Redoubt

A couple weeks ago I was having writers block. I couldn't think of anything that seemed interesting enough for me to write and share with everyone. Now I'm back logged. So much is happening in Alaska right now and around Dave, it's hard for me to pick what has priority.

Mt. Redoubt has taken center stage. She has been grumbling for a few weeks now. The winds have been kind and blowing the ash away in a thin layer and away from Anchorage. That's until last night.

Yesterday afternoon she erupted again and last night she laid a thin layer of ash over Anchorage for the first time. As a result the airport has been closed. Most restaurants and other businesses closed early and everyone is watching the news and the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) website for updates. I'm sure I'll have more updates for you soon. I've posted a link to the AVO on the side bar to the right.

Photo courtesy of AVO and Rick Monyahan.


Meggie said…
Be safe, my friend!
Dave said…
Thanks Meggie!