The octopus that attacked Anchorage

The octopus came in low over the hardware store catching the citizens by surprise. As it came closer, we could see it was larger than life. Even the local air force was helpless.

OK, maybe this isn't an Orson Wells radio show. But it was another gorgeous day out and it brought the kites out. The sky was clear, a little chilly breeze, but the temperature got up to 65. It brought the kites out and the sun worshipers.

I was having lunch with a friend when we noticed the first kite going up. We got in a bunch of shots and then sat down and ate. Afterwards we went for a walk around the park. When the walk was done it was time for her to go back to work. That's when we noticed they were bringing out more kites.

I got to stick around for while longer. The sun continued to shine, but the wind was giving the kite operators issues. They couldn't get altitude. They tried and tried before they gave up.

All is good. I had to get back to work, even though the sunshine was zapping all motivation out of me.


Clare said…
Love the photo of the Octopus and the plane. Priceless.
Meggie said…
The octo kite is fabulous! I never had much luck with kites so I respect anyone who can get those suckers up and away. Don't warm temps and sunshine do wonders for one's frame of mind?
Dave said…
Thanks Clare!

Meggie - We paid for the good weather with some heavy rain today, but we really needed it.