What gorgeous weather

We had temps up to 70 degrees this weekend. We have already had higher temps than all of last summer. Heck, we've had more sunshine also. I shouldn't boast, I'll jinx it.

I don't think anyone went inside at all this weekend. Everyone was out enjoying the sun. People were getting their gardens ready, bbq'ing and flying kites.

Welcome spring!


robin andrea said…
What great news! Yay spring.
Anonymous said…
spring is so refreshing for the soul...glad you were able to stay outside all weekend! We had great weather too, forgot what color the couch was lol :)
Meggie said…
Being outside is the best! Do you get much rain in the springtime? Things are pretty wet around my town.
Dave said…
Robin - its been awesome!

NLSM - same again this weekend.

Meggie - Every year is different. Here in Anchorage we seldom get heavy rain. We get drizzles. We haven't got much rain at all and I hate to say it but we need some to help protect against wild fires.