Has it been that long????

I went to Soldotna a couple weekends ago. As I have been bragging about Anchorages weather, it was just as nice down there. There's always plenty of interesting stuff to see.

I always go to the cannery. There's all kinds of neat stuff to be found there. How about a greater yellow-leg? It was running all around the banks of the marsh.

How about an old red truck? I just like the looks of it. No telling what its history is. Its future doesn't look too bright though. There use to be a lot more old vehicles there, but it looks like they have been cleaning up.

Lama's. What can I say. This young one was trying to keep up with mom. I was told that the eagles in the area like them too. There's a ranch down there with a bunch of lama's and some cattle too.

The gulls were chasing eagles that day.
I'll try not to take so long to post again.


robin andrea said…
Looks like a fine place to hike about and take pics. Glad to hear the weather has been so good.
Meggie said…
I haven't been blogging much either...lots to do in the yard. Ashley is loving Glennallen. Glad your weather has been good.
Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
Funny isn't it? The old truck looks like it almost belongs there, and that it'd be a shame to remove it.
Great that you're getting some good weather.
Dave said…
Robin - It was a fun place to explore.

Meggie - glad she's having fun. She picked the right summer to visit.

Gouldiae - Looks like it was just parked there this morning.