What summer weather

You should be able to tell when we are having good weather in Anchorage, because I don't post much when we do. It's had to sit in front of a computer when you have sunshine and 65 plus weather outside. Last year it rained so much that I think half the population came down with webbed feet.

That's not the case this year. You walk around town and anywheres else and everything is alive and in an awesome mood because of the weather. I'm still afraid I'm going to jinx it by talking so much about it.

West Chester Lagoon is loaded with birds of all types. Mallards, Wigeons, Scaups, duckies, and you name it. Seeing all this reminds me daily why I chose to live here. OK, family and friends have something to do with it also.

And of course we have to have the cute duckie picture also.

I hope everyone else summer is going well also.


Anonymous said…
That is the balance of life in the summer can sometimes also cold. All of God and certainly no set meaning. If you do not mind viewing ads on my blog. thank
Meggie said…
Glad to know you are enjoying the nice weather. Just got back from Florida where there was lots of hard rain. With all the sunlight during the summer, I'm sure you are having lots of fun....enjoy!
robin andrea said…
Great to hear that the weather has been so good. Enjoy every minute of it while you have it.
Dave said…
Daro - Thanks for visiting.

Meggie - you went all the way to Florida for rain? tsk tsk.

Robin - I am enjoying it. :)