CAUTION: The following photo's might be depressing

We all thought we were very slowly slipping into spring. The winds have been very strong, but the temps were in the upper 40's. Then Mitch the Channel 11 weather guy predicted 2 inches of snow. We all blew it off.

We had uncovered our warm weather toys and parked our winter things. I had taken my winter gear out of Lucille (my truck) and brought it inside to wash and put up until next winter. Some of the flowers were turning green.
Try 7 - 10 inches depending on what side of Anchorage you live on.
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Allmycke said…
Around here they are promising
-10C degrees on Saturday... Luckily, my longjohns aren't far away!
robin andrea said…
Yes, that is a bit depressing. Winter is holding on here as well. The temps can't seem to stay out of the 40s. Not warm enough for digging in the garden quite yet. Soon...
Meggie said…
I thought as I began to read your post, "2 inches, my foot." "Looks more like 7 or 8 inches to me!" Oh yes, I would call that depressing.