Wordless Wednesday 4/21

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OH MY!!! GREAT WW photo!! Nice capture!
Ron Cooper said…
Gonna be ticketed for speeding?

I have a blog with inspirational thoughts, stories and poems.
Stop by any time!
robin andrea said…
Ever since I've been stopping by and reading your blog, I've grown very fond of moose. I tell Roger now, I want a moose! They are such incredibly interesting looking creatures.
Dave said…
View - Thanks!

Robin - Don't let one in your house. :)
RuthieJ said…
Great picture Dave! I would have liked to see that moose getting over that fence. Do they actually have to jump, or just step high to get over it?
Meggie said…
I'm curious, like Ruthie. How did moose #1 join moose#2?
Dave said…
Ruthie & Meggie - It just kind of strolled right around it. They will take the path of least resistance whenever possible. If it had felt trapped and threatened, it would have jumped it.