Happy dog, Happy girl

My friend Britt lost her best friend Adak over a month ago and has been lost ever since. She tried a young husky mix that didn't like her cats and it didn't work out. That made her even sadder.

The local SPCA saved Cooper from the pound. He had a broken leg and wasn't being adopted. His time left there wasn't long. When they got Cooper back to their center, they thought of Britt. It's a perfect match. The SPCA is helping to get his leg fixed, and Britt is spoiling him.Thats' a good thing.

Cooper is happy and so is Britt because, I can tell by her smile.
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Britt said…
Awwww, thanks Dave! I've been grinning from ear to ear since I got to bring him home. He's such a sweet boy. The people at SPCA are AWESOME for saving him! :)
The rest of the story... Britt and Dave: Adak (also a rescued dog) was my absolutely best companion for 15 years. I moved from Alaska to Mexico; my daughter, Britt and her husband, Doug took him for two years at age 15 so he could continue to bury his nose in the snow. We lost him at age 17, a dog that touched many lives. Now, Cooper comes to heal the loss. What a blessing! The Mom, Jan
robin andrea said…
Cooper looks like such a fine dog. Glad to see the two of them found each other.
Meggie said…
Looks to me like they are both smiling. They seem like a good fit. Hope it all works out. It took my dog, from my local shelter, 4 months to stop chasing my cats.