To Crow Creek Mine

I went to Crow Creek Mine on Saturday for a presentation, but I got there early enough to do some photography first. It was first started in 1896, and it sure looks it. There's antiques all around for sure.

At one time it was the largest producing hydraulic placer mine in South Central Alaska. Now it's the largest recreational gold mining area.

There's area's to camp, clean facilities and a very friendly staff. They have a lot of displays of the equipment and vehicles used in the past.

I'm not sure I would want to use this hydraulic jack hammer all day.
How many of you have a shop that looks like this?
I would have liked to stay longer, but that gives me a reason to go back.
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Honey at 2805 said…
Great images of these vintage things! No wonder you want to go back!
Alana Jo said…
I love seeing how people lived and worked in the past. Makes you thankful for all we have.