Back at it again

I got a new camera today. I went down to Stewarts Photo and got the Canon T3i and a EF70-300 lens. I had been without my last camera (T1i) for about 2 months. My truck got broke into and they got all of my gear. So with the tiny insurance settlement and a little that happened to show up in my savings, I replaced it with some updated gear.
Of course the day you get new gear, there's a heck of a downpour going on. So there's not much time to go play and see what it can do.
So after work and some time at Bird TLC, my friend Grace and I went for a drive around Lake Hood. We got a couple photos, but called it a night. I'm sure I'll have plenty of chances for more real soon.

I still need to pick up some more stuff like a short range lens, filters, etc. We're on the camera gear recovey now.
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Britt said…
Awesome Dave! Happy you got your new photo gear. Life is good. :)
robin andrea said…
Glad to see a post here, Dave. Enjoy that new camera!