I got tired of waiting on the rain

I had to get out. It's been raining quite a bit here the last week or so. My camera still had the new camera smell to it.

It's always a treat when you run into something you don't see everyday. This belted kingfisher was enjoying its view. It sat there for some time letting me take all the photos I needed.
Then of course my favorite reflection shots. The mallards were just napping in the rain.
This herring gull struck it rich. I'm surprised it's the only one there. A bunch of spawned out salmon, yummy!
This northern shoveler thought it was well hidden until I tripped upon it. It only kept an eye on me a few seconds and then was back to shoveling.
It felt good to get out. No pressing schedule. Didn't have to be any where's at any special time. Laundry still needs to be done, but oh well.
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Al said…
Beautiful, wet photos. Good luck with the new camera gear!
Lovely shots. Thanks for sharing them.
Hi Dave! I found your blog through Scenic Sunday. I love Alaska and we travel there pretty often. We missed this year although with all the record salmon on Kenai (my husband was crying checking fish count). I love your shots - birds, water reflections, wide open space... I can almost smell the air. Thank you!
Al & Rhonda - Thanks!

Tatyana - not a good year to have missed. Fishing was the best ever and we had lots of sunshine!
Way Way Up said…
I'm so jealous! The belted kingfisher is on me "to see" list". We have them here in northern Alberta but I just haven't had the good fortune to spy one yet. Great pictures too by the way.