To Egegik

I was very fortunate to go on a trip to King Salmon hosted by USF&W. In between presentations, I had use of a vehicle and used it to escape and do some photography. Taking Julia's advice, a new found friend, I went to Egegik.
Egegik water reservoir.
Julia gave me directions to Ralph's Road. It took me across the tundra to an old fish processing plant. It's still in use, but only seasonal of course. Well, some of it is still in use.
It's the far end of fall, so the colors are burning out. But you can still see what it's like around this abandoned building.

I didn't see much wildlife, but I also was on limited time. But the scenery alone was well worth the trip. It was great being able to see a part of Alaska that was new to me.

To view more of my photos around Egegik, click here. And of course, click on the ones here to enlarge.
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KB said…
I love the colours.
Gary said…
Great presentation!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
Linnea said…
What interesting landscape. From the colors and lighting, it seems that autumn has arrived!
Joyful said…
Some really great scenic photos here!
Wonderfully captured! Is that a boardwalk?

Enjoy Alaska & happy week! =)