Moose Parking Only!

As I said in earlier post, we've got so much snow this year, (118 inches so far) the moose are moving into neighborhoods where the snow isn't as deep. This way they have easier access to food and it's also easier for them to get around.
When it's time to take a nap, it really doesn't matter where you are. In front of the garage, in someones backyard, it don't really matter, it's nap time.

Much to Macy's objection, this moose seems to have adopted our small neighborhood. Many of the bushes are now professionally pruned back by moose landscaping.
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Excellent photos.

Regards and best wishes
eileeninmd said…
I just love moose, saw my first one in the Tetons. I can not imagine having one in my yard though. Great shots. Happy Sunday!
I finally "met" my first moose last year - wonderful awkward looking creatures and you have great shots of them, literally on your doorstep. Thanks for sharing your new landscaping team!