Wordless Wednesday 3.15.12

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caite said…
wow, knowing how tall moose are, that is deep snow!
Very nice photos.

Regards and best wishes
Sreisaat said…
The snow is beautiful and the moose seems to be enjoying it:)

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Beth F said…
Wow, nice capture. They seem to be relaxed.
Jo said…
Moose! These are great photos :)
I hope you don't mind me stopping by - I saw your link on Wordless Wednesday.

I used to live in North Pole and miss the beauty and people of Alaska!

Please come check out our 'hometown' at:
robin andrea said…
The moose are sure plentiful this winter. I love how often you see them!
We're just shy of an all time record. The moose have moved into town for easier access to food. Thanks everyone!