Too moose for comfort

Today Anchorage broke the record for the most snow in one season at 133.6 inches. So after a class at the Alaska Zoo, I came home and celebrated with a nap. When I awoke, Miss Macy wanted to go for a walk. Still groggy from the nap, I was walking on autopilot. Not a good thing. 
As we entered the alley I heard a snort and the leash got tight. Ms Moose was comfy, so she didn't budge, but Miss Macy became 10 foot tall and bullet proof. 
Mr Raven was watching the action and trying to instigate something with his calls. But Miss Macy decided to listen to me and we trotted done the alley for our walk. I'm fully awake now.

On the way back, Ms Moose was up and having dinner. She kept an eye on us, but continued with her meal off willow.

Miss Macy made sure Ms Moose wasn't coming in the house. Ms Moose decided there wasn't enough willow, so she moved on much to Mr Raven's disappointment.
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Jim said…
Great shots.
robin andrea said…
Good thing you have the mighty Miss Macy to look out for you! Still, that moose looks pretty mellow. I'm sure looks can be deceiving! Wonderful photos.
Beautiful shots.

Regards and best wishes
Thanks! Macy is an awesome moose guard dog. :)