Geese in Love

It's that time of year.
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CameraCruise said…
We have some of them here too.
I have a deep fondness and appreciation for geese (as I also do for crows).
Gary said…
Great capture!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.
Genie said…
What a lovely shot. I like the idea of them being in love. That just adds a special feel to the photo. genie
jeannette said…
Great capture. Love there must be, otherwise we'll become extinct:)
Also, I LOVE your header!
Thank you for sharing this photo!

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Wordless Wednesday.
Hope you'll stop by!
Linda said…
What a nice photo! Simple, yet expressive.
Very nice! Love the contrast here.
Vita Stunder said…
Amazing shot! Thank you for sharing!
Beth F said…
Awww -- nice capture.