Ship Creek is alive

I think sometimes I do take it for granted what is in my backyard. Macy and I went to go for a walk and we decided on Ship Creek. Always a favorite, not to crowded right now, people are nice and always some wildlife. I really appreciated these common mergansers. What a gorgeous pair.

Even the mew gulls were looking good tonight.

This mallard pair was chowing down.

Even a European Starling was enjoying the weather. I must say, I didn't know what it was until I blew this shot up. It was hiding in the brush somewhat.

This beaver wasn't far from the starling. The pond was small and right next to the road.

It's amazing how much we saw in just an hour walk. I think Macy will want to go back.
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Karen said…
I think you should go back soon. Great shots, and I love the reflections in the last one.
caite said…
yes, we do not all have that in our backyard.
Jill said…
I would luv to have your scenery within a walking distance!

Happy WW :)

~ Jill
I enjoyed seeing some of the same ducks we have in Vancouver, and especially loved the mergansers. I also photographed a pair for the "Our World" post. Miss Macy May is adorable!
Linda said…
The shots were very good - nice to see so much wildlife on a short walk!
Beth F said…
What a great walk! I love how much wildlife you can see if you take the time to look.
Thanks all! There is a lot out there. We just need to slow down a little.