To nice out to stay home and do chores

We're running out of warm sunny days, so I couldn't let this one go to waste while I was at home doing chores. Macy and I went to Mount Baldy (no it's not named after me) and got in a beautiful view of Eagle River.

I made it past this old stage coach a few years ago, 8/25/2008 to be exact. It still looks the same. I was hunting for fall colors then also. The fall colors are still a little longer off this year.

This old buggy has seen better days, but I bet the gas mileage is great.
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robin andrea said…
Always glad to see what you are seeing there, Dave. Interesting to know that fall is arriving a bit late this year. Wonder what that will mean for us here in California.
Joyful said…
Beautiful panoramic view! I love the old wagons also. I can imagine there is a chill in your air being so far north. Even we are feeling a chill in southern BC though it is supposed to warm up again.
Scenic view of Mt. Baldy is excellent. Horse carriages are what we need now because gas prices are over $4 a gallon.
Joyce M
caite said…
Love that view..and that stagecoach.
Jessica said…
Cool, I love stumbling across old bits of history when I am out hiking :) Thanks for sharing!