Actually I'm late, but I'm a guy. Do I need to say anymore? It was a year on 10/31 and time has flown. It was meant to be that I saw her photo hanging in that coffee shop that I only stop in every now and again.

Ask anyone that knows me. Macy's spoiled and she has me trained. She takes me for a walk three times a day. I know her favorite treats. She loves to go for a ride and I keep Windex wipes in my truck Lucille to clean the nose prints off of every window. Oh, and the picture window at the house also.

It's winter now. It's getting below zero at night. She wears booties to protect her paws from the snow and ice and a sweater to keep her warm on her walks. She gives me that "you're killing me" look when I put them on her.

Yea, I think we made the right move.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Meggie said…
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Macy, Dave! Below zero at night....brrr! Was 27 here this morning and I thought that was cold. You and Macy seem to be a perfect fit, even if you make her wear booties....which I think should be pink!
robin andrea said…
Macy is a very lucky pup to have found you! Happy Thanksgiving, Dave!
Thanks Ladies! I hope your Thanksgiving was AWESOME!