Hello Naknek

Naknek is in the Bristol Bay Borough, the oldest borough in the state. Bristol Bay is the "sockeye salmon capital of the world". For about 4 weeks during the summer, usually the 3rd week in June until the 3rd week in July, it's the fastest paced commercial salmon season in the world. But this time of year it's pretty quiet.

The boats are brought ashore for the protection from ice and weather. By law, no boat is over 32' long. They set throughout the  village of Naknek and other areas waiting for the next fishing season.

With names like Monster, King Oscar and Amber J, they make you wonder about their story and how they got their names. They're someones pride and joy who named them after another pride and joy or a grand story only they know.

The wind and snow blows through the boatyards like an abandoned dream. Naknek has a population of 601, but during the summer it explodes to about 5,000, most of whom are fishermen or cannery workers.

This cannery is in South Naknek which is inaccessible by road, but for a while during the winter you can drive to it by crossing the Naknek River. The children are flown daily to Naknek for school.
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Pearl said…
neat glimpse. the landscape looks different and same both.
Emille said…
It would be hard there for me in the winter, not only cold, but also abandoned -but maybe you have a different view of it?