Out the bedroom window

Today was one of those days that was beautiful outside, but you had so many chores to catch up on inside. I'm changing the bed linen and was getting ready to vacuum, when I heard what sounded like a bunch of George Jetson cars outside. I looked out the window to see dozens of Bohemian Waxwings raiding the trees behind the house.

They were every where's and buzzing from tree to tree, some were on the roof tops. They were devouring whatever berries that were left. When some would fall from the tree, they would go to the roof tops to clean them up.

They remind me of little bandits with that black band that covers their eyes. They're getting their loot while they can.

 And all I had to do was open the bedroom window and shoot, with my camera of course.
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robin andrea said…
Wow, Dave! Those are fantastic pics of such stunning birds.
catsynth said…
Great photos. I love waxwings.
caite said…
love their head feathers..great captures.
Beth F said…
How cool. I too love waxwings. had a great payback for being virtuous! You have great karma;)). I love waxwings..thanks!