When did I stop being bullet proof?

If you've read my blog any, you know that I'm retired Air Force. In 20 years I've seen a lot, some good and some bad. The good you remember in your heart and the bad you let go. You didn't let things effect you, especially emotionally.
Your kids start growing up, getting their drivers license, dating (we won't go there) and lots of other things. You know that I tease Cassie that's she's my favorite daughter. Well, she's my only daughter. But she is my favorite girl. I've never been good at relationships, but Cassie found a place in my heart that no one else can get to. I have two fantastic sons who are my favorite sons, but Cassie is my favorite daughter.

Then your kids start having kids and before you know it your fireplace mantel is covered in photos and grandkid related nick knacks.
 You now have 6 grandkids. Four more favorite girls and two more favorite boys and the list is getting bigger. They all tug on your heart and put a gleam in your eye. You're always happy to see them, but can't always understand what they are saying.
Cassie, Trinity and Harmony's airplane just took off twenty minutes ago. The Army is moving them to Maryland. Ironic that Maryland is where I started at. I won't get to see them as often anymore, no last minute lunches, coming over for dinner, etc. I will go and visit, but it can't be often enough.
I still feel that I'm bullet proof, but I haven't had a dry eye since I left the airport.
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Unknown said…
Your kids are very lucky to have you. Miles can't separate what you have. I can't imagine what you are going through, but I know I sure wish you lived closer. Love you
Diane said…
Dave, I am "unknown", Diane