Spring along Ship Creek

Well, spring is here and the temps are getting up to the lower 50's during the day. Poor Minnesota got snow. Well, the lower 48 stole our winter, so they can have it.
We still have a lot of piled up snow and ice around, and what tourist I've seen so far are bundled up like Admiral Perry.
 The Ship Creek dam is froze over, but before long it'll be wide open and salmon going upstream.
And these bolders of ice will be all melted away.
The geese are finding some open water. The gull are back in force and friends are seeing other migratory birds. Spring is early and it's here. YaY!


HI Dave Great that spring has arrived with you. The Canada Geese looks great and have found some water to swim around in. The shot with the bridge would have gone well with the new Good Fences meme that Tex from Texas is row hosting Would you consider getting rid of the "Robot" thing? You would get many more people looking at your post. just any idea! Have a great weekend.
Beautiful photographs, Dave. Here, in Vancouver, the geese fly in formation as if they're on their way somewhere, but in fact, they never leave town. Same with the gulls. I wonder where yours have returned from. Happy Spring!
I took your advice Margaret and posted to Good Fences and did away with the robot thing.

Black Jack, ours do migrate. We do have some ducks that are staying year round. It gets kind of crowded because not enough open water.
TexWisGirl said…
great reflections in these! the bridge railings make great fences, too. thanks for linking in! (and thanks to margaret for suggesting it!) :)