I should listen to my dog more

So this past week I was extremely busy at work. Too many hours, to much stuff and not enough down time at home. I didn't even post last week.
 Macy told me I wasn't paying enough attention to her. She got up on the kitchen counter while I was at work and ate a whole bag of Greenies. She only acts up when I'm not home enough. It's not that she wasn't getting her treats anyways. Just not enough walks and play time.
 So, I took Friday off to run errands. She went with me every where's except to the Audubon Alaska open house. She waited in the truck while I went into Stewarts Photo and bought the new Canon 7D Mark II. 
 Then we went out today to play and see if I could figure out my new toy. I have the Canon 7D, but the new 7D Mark II is  a lot different. So far I like it, but I have a lot to get use to. I need to get it together before dog mushing season. No problem, just have to go play more.
 So, listen to Macy. Less work, more toys and more play.
Thanks to Dr. Karen Higgs for the title. We had a conversation on the phone and it always turns to our dogs. She's the one that told me that we need to listen to our dogs more. She's a pretty smart gal, but don't tell her I said so.


theparrot said…
Many of us have thought for years that you should listen more to your dog. Always let the smartest one in the family lead the way.
robin andrea said…
I'm glad you took Macy's advice! She's a wise girl, and really she does know what's best. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos from the new camera.
Sreisaat said…
Hello, Macy! You are so adorable. My doggies also do some stuff when I don't pay enough attention to them :D

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Hazel Ceej said…
Sweet, wise Macy. Lucky you!
Heather said…
Glad you took macy's advice. have fun playing with the new toy - er, camera! My WW
Felicia said…
macy is pretty smart huh.
NC Sue said…
I'm shivering here in North Carolina - can't imagine being in Alaska! Stay warm, my Photo Friend!