Remembering Big George at Thanksgiving

 I bought this solid brass cuspidor (spittoon) for my dad, Big George in 1973. He would keep some spare change in it. At most family get togethers, a penny, nickel, dime poker game would break out. Big George loved to play cards. 500 rummy was his favorite. Anyways, Big George would get the cuspidor out. He generally was the banker too because he had the most change. I inherited the cuspidor back when dad passed away. We never play cards like that anymore, but I think back and smile about the good times with Big George, my brothers Charlie and Larry. my brother-in-law Mike and myself.
 My grandkids came over for Thanksgiving today. Chloe remembered the change that I keep in the cuspidor. She likes getting her hands full of change and putting it on the couch or chair and then goes back for more. She has no real concept on what all the change is, she just likes getting her hands full of change.
Older brother Tripp saw what she was doing and had to get in on the action. This went on for most of their visit. All I could do was smile, because I knew dad was looking down and smiling. Unfortunately he passed away never meeting Nick's wife or any of his kids, but he knows and I know he's smiling.
I miss you Big George! I hope we all get to play cards again some day.


robin andrea said…
A lovely remembrance of Big George. Very sweet to see the kids and the spittoon and know the history. That's what love and remembrance is all about. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Renee said…
My dad loved the card games, too. When he died my nephews took the big round poker table down and we haven't gathered around it since. Perhaps we should all pull out those cards again. Thanks for the memory.
Joel said…
Hey, I had a great time reading your website. Do you have an email address that I can contact you on? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.