Three of my grandkids, an eagle and me!

At the last minute (almost), Bird TLC said to release BE 14-60, aka Big Girl, right away. So, I got Lisa Pajot to help me catch her and then Lisa banded her. I left with Big Girl and went and picked up three of my grandkids. We're headed to Portage for a release.
 Destinee gets to open the kennel door while Austin and Tripp help hold the kennel.
 Big Girl came out like a bullet and was on a mission.
As we say, nothing but tail feathers. It was great to share the afternoon with my grandkids and also to share this awesome moment with them. I doubt Big Girl will remember us, she didn't even look back. But I know we'll remember her and her release.


robin andrea said…
What a wonderful moment to share with the grandkids. Yes, they'll always remember this!
Lea said…
What a great way to end one year and start another!
Happy New Year!
NC Sue said…
Best wishes in 2015.
Anita Lim said…
Wow, what an amazing experience & thanks for the great pictures. Wishing you a belated happy Wordless Wednesday & a happy New Year.
Joyful said…
Beautiful shots, especially the last one. How thrilling to watch the eagle take off and what a fantastic memory you've created for your grandchildren. Happy New Year!
NC Sue said…
Wow - what a wonderful thing you've done for the bird and for your grandchildren. It's a great experience for them!
Happy New Year, and please stop by and share.
Jane said…
Very cool and how special to share with your grandchildren!