Visiting Adonis

OK, Christmas break is over. Yes, I tool a long one. I had a lot going on as far as work, shopping and the such. It's behind us now. I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas or whatever your holiday is..
Christmas Eve I drove to Portage to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to buy a couple of yearly passes. One for a gift to me and one for my grandkids. This is a great place to visit and also to support.
It was pretty quiet there. I guess because it was Christmas Eve and also it was snowing pretty heavy. I always make it a point to stop and visit Adonis. He's a really good ambassador for eagles and an example on how some people aren't good people. Adonis was gun shot in 1995 and had to have a full wing amputation. He's fully recovered and now lives the semi-retired life at AWCC.
 The moose weren't too excited about anything. I think they were a little mad because the reindeer were getting all of the attention because of that Santa thing.
 Musk Ox are a cool looking animal. They always walk so slow but when they run, don't get in the way.
Again, I hope your Christmas was a good one.


robin andrea said…
What a wonderful place to spend a little time on Christmas Eve. Adonis is beautiful. Glad to know he has survived all these years with such loving care.

Happiest of holidays to you!
Edna said…
loved my visit there! such cool place