Monday, April 28, 2014

A Sunday drive along Turnagain Arm

There had to be photographs out there to be taken somewhere. The lighting early in the morning was awesome. To quickly get Macy and me ready and out the door was a little bit of a chore, but we did it. I figure we head to Potter Marsh and hopefully find some swans, but no. There were plenty of gulls, but that's not what we were after. There was a grebe, but there was already plenty of photographers around it. So we kept heading south.
Now I know some people are saying what's the big deal about northwest crows. Well, we don't have them in Anchorage, we have their larger cousin the common raven. They don't come any closer than Girdwood. These were off the edge of the road outside of Portage.
OK, a duck. Well this female mallard kept coming near the bank where Macy and I was sitting and checking us out, so I figure she make the post.
 If you've been reading my blog long, you know I love reflection shots. This area is full of dead trees killed by salt water from the tide rising during the 1964 Earthquake.
 And then there was a trumpeter swan. Far enough away for Macy and I not to bother it, but close enough for my EF 100-400 to capture.
 The wind was blowing just enough to keep the bugs away. We sat for so long waiting for whatever to happen, the gulls started ignoring us.
 Then another swan came out an joined the other. It was hidden in a little cove like area at first.
 We were there long enough then Macy though we should go ponder some thoughts while looking out over Turnagain Arm.
And then it was time to burn off some energy.
Weather was good and traffic wasn't bad. All in all, a good Sunday drive along Turnagain Arm.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A free loan that was a good investment

A friend stopped by the office the other day and we were talking about photo processing programs. We got onto Lightroom which I prefer and discussed a few issues he was having with it. Then somehow we got onto macro lenses.
I don't do a lot of macro photography. I'm more into landscape and wildlife.Maybe because I didn't feel the need for buying an expensive macro lens. I'm not sure.
Then he told me about the Canon 500D closeup lens. He got my attention and then loaned me his for the day. I took my test drive at the Russian Jack Springs Greenhouse. Yes, spring is here. But, we still have piles of snow and ice around yet. The temperatures at night still get below freezing, so no blooming flowers around town just yet.
 Keeping the greenhouse at a constant 72°  sure made it comfy for me. Not a lot of the flowers were in bloom, but for the ones that were, it was I was looking for.
I returned the lens the next day and then went to Stewart's and bought one for myself. For about $160 I couldn't go wrong and it easily fits into my camera bag. I took these photo's without a tripod and I think they turned out OK.
With spring in full swing, I'm sure I'll be doing a lot more macro photography this year.
To view more photo's, click here.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring along Ship Creek

Well, spring is here and the temps are getting up to the lower 50's during the day. Poor Minnesota got snow. Well, the lower 48 stole our winter, so they can have it.
We still have a lot of piled up snow and ice around, and what tourist I've seen so far are bundled up like Admiral Perry.
 The Ship Creek dam is froze over, but before long it'll be wide open and salmon going upstream.
And these bolders of ice will be all melted away.
The geese are finding some open water. The gull are back in force and friends are seeing other migratory birds. Spring is early and it's here. YaY!