Heavy Frost and a Moose

 Unlike the lower 48, we've been having some unseasonal warm weather. Last week the thermometer dropped and it created some pretty interesting hoar frost. Above was at Lake Hood.
 The Anchorage Memorial Park was established in 1915. Today's frost made it look a little spooky.
And them Mr. Raven had me thinking of Edgar Allan Poe
This moose liked the Popsicle like branches.


Arija said…
Love your shot of the moose and those frosted twigs.
Bill Nicholls said…
Love the first photo
NC Sue said…
Beautiful images - try it again in spring, too, which I'm truly looking forward to!

How far were you from the moose, by the way? I believe I'd have been too nervous to take the shot!

Thanks for sharing at
Rhonda Albom said…
I was there in June 2013, that was unseasonably warm as well.
Love all the photos but especially the Moose :o)
fredamans said…
Beautiful tree shot. The park looks like a graveyard.
Molly said…
Oh my goodness that moose looks huge. Great shot

Tami said…
Great pics. Love that first shot. :)
The moose is loose in the frosted fairyland. Cool!
JM, Illinois
We've been having very cold temps down over here in New England. Not much snow however, I'm sure that will change.