No lack of winter now

 I've been complaining about the lack of snow and cold temperatures since Christmas. Last week I went out of state on business and came back home to winter. When Macy and I went down to the Port of Anchorage to take these it was 0°f.
Later in the night I took Macy out before it was bedtime and it was -9°f. Macy had to wear her booties and coat. The snow we got wasn't much, maybe 5 or 6 inches. We can use more for sure.
These two photos do make you feel cold though.


robin andrea said…
It does look cold there, and quite beautiful too!
Felicia said…
they sure do and it looks so desolate but at the same time beautiful.
NC Sue said…
How can something so stark look this beautiful?
Thanks for sharing at
Mari said…
Cold but surely beautiful.
Beautiful shots! I'm thinking after a couple of days of coolish temps, you will be happy today that it's a balmy 2 degrees and sunny. (Just checked the Anchorage weather site). Have a good one!
Molly said…
Seems global warming is extending its reach.