I'm a little side tracked this summer

I'm usually doing more traveling this time of year. Doing some photography and some birding. The new place has me side tracker pretty good. I'm enjoying it though.
 Borrowed a friends Bobcat. I'm able to move lots of the large rocks that seem to be every where's. I have a load of driveway gravel and fill dirt coming later this week. 
 As you can see the yards a little rough. After having the septic upgraded, there was just dirt and rock.
We're getting it a little more spruced up,
 both inside and out.
 But Macy has been handling it pretty well. I think she's pacing herself.


Diane said…
I really like the owl window hangers. Yard work can be enjoyable. Place looking good.
Lea said…
Beautiful house!
Adam Jones said…
Great looking house, and Macy looks adorable too.
NC Sue said…
Gorgeous images!
Thank you for sharing at
robin andrea said…
Looks like your spending your time doing great stuff around the house. It sure looks beautiful there already. Macy looks quite content with it all.