Where the hell you been Dave????

Well, I doubt anyone has really been asking that. But anyways, I bought a house. I had lived in the previous one for 27 years. It was getting crowded in downtown Anchorage, so I bought a place in Wasilla. So, that's also the reason for the blog name change. Seeing that I shoot all over, it should be Around Alaska.
 My oldest son Nick and his family were the first to visit. He helped move and has already helped make it feel like a home.
The yard is big and it's a big mess, so Macy and I had to get some help.
I use to joke when I lived in the south, "I was cutting the grass one day and found a car". Well, I found a couple of tires today. The yard is rough, but it will shine soon. 
We have lots of prickly roses on the property. I like them. They're pretty and can handle the harsh winters to come back another year.
 Macy has taken the move pretty serious. I think she likes it. She has a huge house to herself during the day, a large yard to play in and all kinds of new smells around.
She's been good at picking out stuff for the new place.
Ghost got to check out the new place this weekend. I have to build him a new mew, so he's been staying at Bird TLC in the mean time. Construction starts soon.
Bad photo of a good person that's been in my life for a couple years now. Say "Hi" to Rebecca. We met at a fundraiser for Bird TLC held by friends of mine in Fairbanks a few years ago. We'd date when I would make it back on business or for Bird TLC. She came down to visit for the weekend and ended up helping me move. Well, we made it official and changed our status on Facebook. We're in a relationship.
I now drive 45 minutes to work, so I'm looking for a commuter car to help on the gas. I'll keep my truck but commute with the car.
OK, so my desk is back together, my stuff for processing photos is all together, my laptop is working just fine and my camera gear is dusted off. You should be seeing more of us now.


Diane said…
The house looks great! I guess this means you are not moving back to MD anytime soon?
Let's see, I've lived in Alaska for thirty years now, just bought a house and just started a new relationship. I'll get back to you on that.
robin andrea said…
Congratulations Dave! Love seeing you and your lovely official relationship partner. Your new home is beautiful, and it sounds like your happiness abounds in every way. As it should be. Looking forward to more posts here.
NC Sue said…
Looks like a great place to visit!
Thanks for sharing at
Felicia said…
congrats on the house and your new relationship. you and Rebecca look very happy.

love the old ford truck.
Brooke Neal said…
I love your last photo of the truck with flowers growing out of it--great capture!
First time visitor, the title on your OW link intrigued me. We spent nearly four months in Alaska last summer and it wasn't nearly long enough. Loved our time there.
I've always wanted to live in a log cabin. Great shots! Enjoy your move.
Beth F said…
Lots of exciting new changes! Best of luck and health in all the new ventures.
Laura said…
What a wonderful series, I love the truck full of flowers!
Molly said…
Sounds like a lot of lovely positive things