Sometimes you don't get what you go after

A few weeks ago I went on a hike along Cottonwood Creek with two of my grandsons. It wasn't a time for photography, but I saw a spot I wanted to come back to and shoot. A time when the lighting was better and less distractions.
 It's fishing season and there was a full parking lot. Lots of people, but they were all nice.
 Macy got the salmon fever when I wasn't watching at first. I told her she had to stop. Her license didn't cover fishing.
 But once we got to where we were going, she was very patient with me. I guess the calming of the creek rushing by had her mesmerized.
 I still didn't get the shot that I wanted though or I just wasn't happy with my results. I'll make it back another time and try again. Patience is what it's about.
I explained that to Macy. I think she got it.


robin andrea said…
Looks like a beautiful spot to take the grandkids and Macy.
Mama Zen said…
Got a beautiful shot of Macy, though!
s.c said…
Looks like every dog in the world is capable of that look . Splendid.
NC Sue said…
Such a cute little guy.
Thanks for linking up at
eileeninmd said…
Macy is a cutie! Wonderful series, have a great day!
Rhonda Albom said…
Beautiful location and doggie.
Su-sieee! Mac said…
No doubt Macy will like revisiting this place, too. :-)
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