Two grandson's for the weekend

This was the first weekend that any of the grandkids could spend the weekend. Nick & Stacey took it easy on me and just gave me the boys. It was still a working weekend, but OK, we still played a little.
 I think I got a couple of volunteers to cut the grass the rest of the summer.
 They liked my homemade waffles for breakfast.
 We took Sunday off and went for a hike out at the Palmer Hay Flats along Cottonwood Creek. It had just stopped raining so it was nice and humid. I think they still had a good time.
 There were all kinds of things along the trail to climb or jump on.
 Macy lead the way a lot. But at 74°, it was hot for her.
 The boys survived the weekend. We'll see if Macy does after her nap.


Diane said…
This is called making memories that your grandsons won't forget. Good job
robin andrea said…
What a wonderful weekend for you and your grandsons. The best part of growing up are times like this!
NC Sue said…
I wanted to mention that I love the photo on your header.
Thanks also for visiting to link up.
Yeah.. those boys had a blast.. no doubt about it. They'll be talking about this weekend for months. Loved the post! Wonderful photos and just enough text to tell a beautiful story.