A visit to the Hanson's House

Macy has been feeling lots better, so we've been doing some exploring close to the house. We've driven by this turn off on Fairview several times and we've seen cars parked next to the road. Wondering why, we stopped and found it to be a Alaska State Parks Recreation Site.
It's seems the Hanson's, Henry and Ester, moved here in 1939 with $6 in Henry's pocket.
 They started off with a surplus government Quonset hut and in time developed it into this two story home.
 Macy wanted to go in, but no one was home. The Hanson's have long passed away, Henry in 1987 and Ester in 1990. However, they donated the 30 acres to Alaska State Parks. Henry said "By doing this, we'll be remembered after we're gone".
 For the time, they had a beautiful green house. They're also bird houses every where's.
 The facilities were modern for the time.
 But at one time, this was the way to get water.
 Macy and I enjoyed the small pond that the house overlooks. A neighbor and her niece came along and we talked for a while. What a nice peaceful place. It overlooks the Chugach Mountains and the Matanuska River and the Palmer Hay Flats.
I didn't put any links, you won't find much. The state hasn't taken good care of the property, but Henry and Ester did a good job. It's still standing. Walking around you can imagine their life there, some of the hardships because of weather and such. But a beautiful property with a beautiful view.


Bill Nicholls said…
Looks a nice place to visit and walk around, hope the state does not sell it off
robin andrea said…
What a wonderful place to visit. Henry and Ester were right, they will be remembered. This is such a great gift. Really glad to know Macy was up for this adventure.