Beware of October

Two tears ago today, my son Uryan brought me home from the hospital to recover from an operation that not only saved my life, but also drastically changed it. It changed it in a good way. If not for this operation I wouldn't be here for one and for another it changed the way I look at life and the appreciation of people and things in it.
 Wildlife and specifically wild birds are something I really appreciate and respect. I've been fortunate to be involved with the rehabilitation of sick and injured wild birds and the education of the public about them for over 10 years with the Bird Treatment and Learning Center in Anchorage. I have a friend to thank for that, btw, she's my ex-wife.
 I'm fortunate to live in Alaska. Besides my regular job and my photography hobby, I'm also very fortunate that I get to travel all over Alaska doing what my friends call "My bird thing". I've meet some really awesome people, some of which are my closest friends and some are my feathered friends.
 Some are more than that.
 For the past few weeks, my closest 4 legged friend Macy has been having a hard battle. A battle that we're not sure what we are fighting. It started with an abscess on the right side of her face, than it was pancreatitis, then her immune system was failing and she wasn't eating. She lost 5 1/2 lbs. which is quite a lot for a dog that started at 27 lbs.
She's under good care from Far Country Animal Hospital and a handful of doctors and me at home. She's making a comeback, but still has a ways to go. What I've missed the most is her looking out the window when I drive up the driveway from work. She had been too weak to do that. Well, yesterday I was driving up the driveway and saw her in the window. That was the best feeling I've had in several weeks. She's also eating on her own now.
I've been keeping people updated on Facebook. It amazes me how much attention she has gotten. I've got emails and messages from people I don't even know. Thanks for everyone's prayers and well wishes for Macy.


Renee said…
So glad that Macy is doing so much better. And I enjoy your bird thing! I have learned a lot.
Diane said…
Because I don't have a dog, I feel like I can share yours through your post. I can't share your expenses though. I am so glad you love where you live, it makes it easier on those that love you yet live so far away.
robin andrea said…
This is a beautiful post, Dave. A lot has happened in the past two years. So good to know Macy was looking out the window, waiting for you. This is how our beloved dogs show us love back. That, and wagging tails! Hope everyday Macy is feeling better and better. She's is such good and loving hands.
NC Sue said…
Such a marvelous opportunity to participate in the healing of these marvelous creatures. And glad to know that Macy is improving!
Continue to work on healing both the animals and yourself!
Thanks or visiting at I appreciate you linking up!
Beth F said…
Oh no. My good thoughts out to you and especially Macy. I've loved getting to know her through your photos.
Alaska would be a wonderfully vigorous place to live.

Here's my Wordless Wednesday!
Zippi Kit said…
It is so good to find a blog like yours here. I wish you all the best.
Handsome birds! I'm glad Macy is doing better.
carol l mckenna said…
You are blessed being so close working with nature and her gems ~ Your little doggie 'steals the show', though ~ Great photos!

Wishing you a happy week,
artmusedog and carol
Agus Purwanto said…
is blog good I like