Some days and good and some days are YIKES!

It had been a while since I took the pups on a walk away from the neighborhood. It was time to get away from the distractions of the neighborhood dogs barking at us because we are walking down the street. I decided we should check out Palmer Hay Flats at Cottonwood Creek. The deals they have on the trails to protect from erosion are hard on Macy's feet and I figured they were covered with snow now, so we should be good.
 Well the place looked awesome. Not a lot of snow, but enough for ground cover. Only two cars in the parking lot, so no people distractions. That's good because Cooper was being a schmuck. He was not listening and was very hyper. I kept him close on leash, but Macy I let loose. She never goes far, maybe 20 feet before she checks to see where I'm at.
 I should have been paying closer to her, but Cooper was being Mr. Brat. Normally he walks OK, but today he was pulling, running from side to side and generally not earning any treats. So I wasn't watching Macy and I wasn't watching the trail.
 You got it. Moose! Maybe 15 to 20 feet away in a bunch of willow brush. I didn't see it until I heard a loud snort and the snap of branches. Neither dog saw or heard it, probably because of Cooper acting up so much. I rushed them up the trail, keeping an eye on Bullwinkle. He came onto the trail and stood with a wide stance while watching us. The pups still haven't noticed it. I'm glad I don't use them for hunting. It turned around after we were maybe 30 feet away and went up the trail from where we came. Now we only have to watch for it on the way back. Fortunately it was long gone by the time we returned.
We made it home in one piece. I have a little less hair, Macy's exhausted from the walk and Cooper is giving the innocent look. I think I need to give Cooper a little more time before I take him back.


robin andrea said…
Love this story, Dave. It surprises me that neither dog had a sense of that moose. Pretty exciting hike you had there.
Molly said…
He seems to rocking that innocent look