I was in Soldotna Saturday for the Soldotna Progress Day's and it was a gorgeous day for it. They had Sawfest Chainsaw Carving Competition going on, but in between, the carvers were working on their projects.
 I wish I had this talent. These guys bring their work to life.
 That would look good in the woods in my backyard.
 Fish on!
 Look at the detail.
 A beautiful bench with eagles on both ends.
He was creating an archway for a wedding at the end of the month. His shop is not far from my home. I'll have to visit but maybe leave my wallet at home.


robin andrea said…
Great images of beautiful works of art. I would love to be able to create art like this.
Lea said…
Very interesting!
Wow! Amazing artwork! I can only imagine how much time and patience those pieces took… Thanks for sharing! :)
NC Sue said…
Wow - these are marvelous. What talent!
Thanks for sharing at
TheChieftess said…
It is an amazing talent to do these carvings!