The weather wasn't the best, but oh well. My beagle crew was ready to go. Where's Joy? On the passenger side ready to navigate of course. I'm not sure if Macy is going to steer and Cooper operate the pedals or vice versa.
 So we went onto the Denali Highway for a short spell on the Cantwell side. Built in 1957, it was the first road to Denali Nation Park
 There's no telling what you'll find along the highway.
 So here we are setting up camp on Saturday. This is our first trip in our new motorhome, so we had to figure out what we had, how it worked, if we had enough supplies, what better ideas we can come up with, etc.
 Our view from camp
 and more of the view. As you can see, we had plenty of rain.
 Macy was pointing out a trail she wanted to go on.
And here they are while I write a full story that you find on page two. Here's the link.
The story is a little long and I share some personal stuff, so if you're interested, enjoy. If not, enjoy the photo's abpve.


robin andrea said…
Love your new little motorhome! I often fantasize about having one of those and hitting the road in comfort whenever we feel like it. Love seeing your photos from the old road. (Here's a little story for you: One of our neighbors has a son named Denali. He was named for his grandfather who ascended Denali on one side and descended on the other. Isn't that cool?)
WoW! What an accomplishment. He should be proud of his grandfather.
NC Sue said…
Very nice!
Thank you for sharing at