It's been how long???

I couldn't sleep last night, just wide awake for some reason. I don't have cable TV, satellite TV nor can I pick up local TV. I watch TV from the internet. So that wasn't keeping me entertained. I let the dogs out but when they came back in, they went back to sleep. All three were snoring, asleep in different spots in the bedroom. I went on Facebook and everyone I know on there was asleep. So time had gone buy and yep, I was still awake.
I started looking at my blog, making little changes, cleaning things up, deleting links to blogs that hadn't updated in a while or they started posting about things that weren't related to what I do post about. I started reading some of my recent post and continued reading the whole blog from present time to the start in 2007. 9 years? Holy cow!
9 years. That's almost too hard to believe. I was married when I first started posting. I never heard of Facebook and didn't understand Twitter.I've posted with friends, some I've never met in person, just online. I've done photography with a Sony H9, Canon T1I, Canon T3I, Canon 7D and now a Canon 7D Mark II. I've traveled all over Alaska (and got more to cover) with cameras, friends and birds. I've written for a news blog back east and reviewed books about birds for a major publisher. I've posted over 650 post. I was doing several a week but now maybe once a week.
My photography has been published in Alaska Magazine, Anchorage Daily News (now Alaska Dispatch News), several local airlines onboard magazines, other blogs and the cover of a CD for a Finnish folk band. The airplane photo the band used is still one of my most popular post.
I tried to stay away from politics, but have gone there a couple times letting people know what my views were. I've kept my rants to a minimum. Most have been about what I see around Alaska, my family, my beagles or the volunteer work that I do at Bird TLC. I've changed its name. It started out as Around Anchorage, but when I moved to Wasilla, it became Around Alaska. I figured I was covering more of Alaska than just Anchorage or now Wasilla. I even call my photography Around Alaska Photography.
I've covered al lot about Ghost and the building of his mew. His mew is complete now, just waiting for USF&W approval before he moves in. Both of us can't wait. I've also written about my travels and work with other owls and some eagles too. I actually started a blog for Bird TLC long before I started this one. It's still active but I don't have the time for it that I use to.
I always have the respect for my fellow brother and sisters who gave some or all of their lives to protect what is ours. We are the most free country in the world and it hasn't come cheep.
There's more to come, but what a trip it has been so far. There have been happy times and sad times, good times and bad times and all in between. Facebook has probably taken some of the readers. It is a easier and quick media to participate in. But, you can't change a few of us. 9 years! Holy cow!


Diane said…
And I enjoyed every post!
Mollie said…
Nine years! 2007 seems only a few years ago. And congratulations on NINE years. Do you think that anniversary was keeping you up, but you didn't realize it at first? Or did you ever figure out what kept you from sleeping with the dogs. ;-)

Thanks for your time writing your blog and sharing your photos.

Be well,

Thanks Di!

Mollie, it was probably the pups snoring.
robin andrea said…
I would love to remember how I first discovered your blog. I think I have been reading you from almost the beginning. I love blogging and am always grateful for the friends I have made through these online journals. You have showed me a place I know I will never see with my own eyes, and I am enriched by the sights you have shared here. Thanks for taking this look back; it was great!
You're too sweet Robin. I don't know how long it's been, but we've been visiting online together for a long time. I think you first started over at Bird TLC, but not really sure. I love your visits and comments and I'm a fan of your photography.
Photo Cache said…
First timer here, hopefully becoming a regular visitor.
NC Sue said…
Great shots!!!
Thanks for linking up, and Happy Anniversary!
Hope to see you again next week at
Photo Cache - Good to see you here. Come back anytime.

NC Sue - Thanks for hosting Wordless Wednesday on Tuesday!
Anonymous said…
Nine years is quite an achievement, congrats on that. Here's to many more!