Sunrise, Ravens and an old airplane

Are you tired of me writing about the gorgeous sunrises we've been having lately? Well, sorry if you are, but here's one more. Yesterday my biggest problem was keeping the Ravens out of the picture. Of course that time of day is when they migrate into town, so it was a little challenging sometimes.

Today was a little different though. We had the sky on fire again. The temps took a dip to about 18°. My fingers were trying to go numb and my mustache was icing up. But the colors were awesome.

I wasn't the only one out there. There were all kinds of cars in the parking lot. You would think we were at a drive in movie. They were cheating though. They stayed in their vehicle hugging the heater.

Anyone know what kind of plane this is besides Russian?

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Meggie said…
No, I'm certainly not tired of seeing anything of nature's beauty. Great sunrise shots, Dave! Gorgeous colors! Our mornings here in PA have been rather chilly also, but we're still in the low 20s in the early AM. I am no help whatsoever in identifying the plane...not a clue!
robin andrea said…
I always love looking at a photo of a beautiful sunrise.
Dave said…
Meggie - That's good. Our temps are getting colder, but we need snow.

Robin - me too and I like looking at them in person better. :)
Tahrqa said…
Hello Dave,

The plane you are trying to identify is indeed a russian plane called Antonov AN-2.

At the link below you will find one Antonov AN-2 I found on Merrill Field at Anchorage, the place where you photographed the plane.

It might be the same plane, although in you Photo you can clearly see the markings of AEROFLOT (Аэрофлот) and the type of the plane AN-2 (Ан-2) in Russian characters, whereas in the link below the markings are missing. Nevertheless, the pant scheme seems to be the same (they might have removed the markings over time). And considering the condition of this plane ... I think they are one and the same.

Link to Antonov AN-2
Dave said…
Tahrqa - Hey, thanks for the info. I've been wondering about that old plane for some time now.