My Baby Girl is no baby no more

Anybody that knows me, knows that my daughter Cassie is my favorite girl. I'm very proud of the young lady she is turning into. I always receive compliments from my friends about her. She's not my little Baby Girl no more.

Today she got her plastic. That's what she calls her drivers license. This week she took a drivers course with class and driving all included. With our wacky schedules, we could not get together to take time to teach her ourselves. I think a professional driving school is the deal anyways.

After getting her plastic we went to lunch. Another thing that we don't get to do often enough. Then I took her back to her house. She still lives with her mom while she goes to school. By the way did I tell you that she's my barber now? She still has about another 5 months before she graduates from the Academy of Hair Design.

Anyhow, her mom got the insurance squared away and Cassie got to drive Flo to work tonight. Cassie works nights at the local Outback Steak House. She's not my little Baby Girl no more, she's my Big Girl. A young lady that makes me very proud.


Marvin said…
You have every right to be a proud papa, Dave.
robin andrea said…
That is a great milestone for her, her first driver's license. You must be very proud, and rightfully so. She looks like such a lovely young woman.
Meggie said…
What a lovely young wonder you are so proud, Dave. A drivers license is a rite of passage. But she will always be your little girl no matter how old she gets. I'm sure she will take good care of Flo and Flo will take good care of Cassie. Sounds like a good match. Congrats to Cassie!
Dave said…
Marvin - and I am.

Robin - she is a lovely young woman, inside and out.

Meegie - you're right. She'll always be my little girl. I still visualize her riding her pink Barbie bike in the driveway. :)
Trixie said…
Happy Birthday, Cassie. And Dad. I think the professional driving school is the way to go here in the land of icy roads. YIKES!
Clare said…
Congrats to Cassie. I still remember getting my "plastic", er.. except it was "paper". Oh well, at least it wasn't "slate"
Dave said…
Trixie - Thanks. That would be true whenever winter starts. :)

Clare - Me too Clare. I still have the origonal and my learners permit. Both paper and no pictures on them.