Those trees are growing birds

The temps have been pretty low this week. I guess that' why I haven't been taking too many pix's or posting as much. It was -5°F this morning when I left for work. I've also been busy helping Santa.

The Raven were all hunkered down in the trees trying to stay warm while they waited to go looking for brunch.

The Bohemian Waxwings were very busy flying from tree to tree getting those Mt Ash berries. This is a tree that's not native to Alaska. It was brought here for decorative landscaping. I'm sure the Waxwings appreciate that.

It's suppose to warm up tonight and tomorrow it's suppose to be in the double digits on the above zero side. We already are getting some snow, but we could use a lot more.


Marvin said…
If it ever got down to -5ยบ around here, I think everything would just completely stop.
robin andrea said…
Warming up to double digits? Yikes. We are basking in temps in the 50s, and loving every warm minute of it. I have to admit though that I like a long walk on a brisk cold day. Happy Winter Solstice, Dave.
Dave said…
Marvin - sometimes we want to do just that, but we don't.

Robin - just rub it in why don't ya. :)
Trixie said…
Dave, we were surrounded by bohos the other day on Toilsome road. It was amazing. One almost flew in my car window.

Have you gone to Gov't Hill to try to see the Brambling yet?
Meggie said…
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Meggie said…
Wow, you've got some pretty cold temps up there in Alaska. I just came inside from raking leaves. It was unseasonably warm today... sure doesn't feel like Christmas. By the way, while you're helping Santa, how about putting in a good word for me. I've been a VERY good girl!
Dave said…
Trixie - I'll have to make it up there this weekend for sure.

Meggie - A VERY good girl? dunno. :) OK, I drop him a line for ya.