A Sunset, a frozen city and playing on the beach

OK, maybe you are getting tired of sunrises. So, here's a sunset. I barely made it out near the airport to see this gorgeous sunset take place. I hurried down to the beach where it was 13° but with a windchill of -fricken cold baby°.

Wow it was cold. But I had to see this sunset. It began about 3:15 and by the time I left the beach at 4:00 it was over. It must have been take off time for the cargo planes because they were right behind one another. I also got a few incoming planes in the sunset shots I didn't post.

When I was walking back to my truck I passed these little girls playing on the beach. I was a walking Popsicle and they were playing with the frozen ice chips on the beach. Boy did I feel like a wossie.

On Sunday, Ruth and I got up early to possible get some sunrise pix's for her. I got a tip from a news photographer (to remain anonymous) on where the best place to take shots at. I was having a problem with street lights and stuff being in the way. He said check out the pedestrian bridge at the Loussac Library. Bad tip! It was worse. But on the bright side we had a normal sunrise, nothing as colorful as the last few days.

Even more on the bright side we got some good frozen stuff pix's. Poor Zachariah Loussac here is one cold looking fellow. Zack was the Mayor of Anchorage from 1948 to 1951.

Zachariah Joshua Loussac was born to Jewish parents in Pokrov (Vladimir Oblast), Russia in 1882. As an engineering student, he came under scrutiny for an interest in "some of the more liberal literature of the time".

In 1907, Loussac fled Czarist Russia for Alaska, living in Nome, Unalakleet, Iditarod and Juneau before settling down in Anchorage. In 1949, at the age 66, he married Ada Harper. It was his first and only marriage. He died in Seattle on March 15, 1965. His ashes are interred in Angelus Memorial Park in Anchorage.

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RuthieJ said…
Awesome sunset photos, Dave!

Hey, we get wind chills that cold here too! ;-)
boobook48 said…
Hi Dave
It's been so hot here in Victoria, Australia, I like to read your blog to cool down.
Meggie said…
I suppose if you folks have such short days you deserve gorgeous sunsets. Playing on the beach in sub freezing temps...not for me. Thanks for the history lesson on Loussac. Your blog is not only enjoyable but quite informative and educational.
Dave said…
ruthiej - Thanks. Don't like those low wind chills.

boobook48 - Hi ya. Keep comming back and warm us up some.

meggie - wrong kind of beach for me too.
Marvin said…
The sunsets I can appreciate; the wind chill you can keep.
Trixie said…
Nice sunset. I saw it out the back of the warehouse on Monday night. Glad you got to enjoy it.

Nice write up on ZJ.

Today within an hour the temps up here rose 12F. They went from 16F to 28F. Something warmer this way comes.
Dave said…
Marvin - please take the wind chill. :)

Trixie - We need snow!
robin andrea said…
Dave, that sunset pic is spectacular. The freezing temps, not so much. It's good that you keep getting out there and finding these amazing shots. It sure is beautiful, but the sun going down at 3:15? That's just too early for me.
Dave said…
Robin - you get use to the lack of sunshine and trust me, I like the sunshine.