There's icing on the rocks

With wind chill temperatures, it felts like 10°f. Ruth wasn't feeling good, she's trying to catch that bug that's going around at her work. Still, we hadn't been out together shooting pix's in a little while. So it was off to Peggy's Airport Cafe for a late breakfast. We couldn't decide on where to go. First it was Palmer, than Arctic Valley or the backside of Elmendorf AFB. But when we left Peggy's the clouds were pretty dark in those directions. We stopped for gas and decided on south towards Girdwood.

Just before McHugh Creek, there were a bunch of ice climbers. There were too many spectators for us, so we kept on. At the next turn out there were just two climbers and no spectators. That's perfect for me. We got all the shots we wanted and left our email address in case they wanted some from us.

Since Ruth wasn't feeling 100% we turned around to head to McHugh Creek. The snow and ice was gorgeous there also. The warmer temperatures a few weeks back caused a lot of run off and it's all frozen now.

We headed back towards town and stopped where we first saw the first batch of climbers. They were still there but with less spectators. We got a few more pix's with them and also of Cook Inlet. The tide was coming in and the ice flow was moving right along with it.

We decided not to push our luck and head back home. We got away for a bit. Ruth is taking the flu drugs, so hopefully she doesn't come down with it. Click on the last picture to see the whole album and as always
Click on pix's to enlarge.

P.S. We hope everyone has a Safe & Happy New Year.


Meggie said…
Great slideshow, Dave! My nephew is a rock climber but ice climbing looks a bit trickier. Happy New Year to you and Ruth. Hope she feels better real soon.
robin andrea said…
Hope Ruth is feeling better now. Those are some awesome photos, dave. I can really appreciate the beauty of that ice from afar!

Happy New Year!
Marvin said…
Nice shots of the ice, Dave. Makes the ice flows we get in these parts look awfully puny.

Hope Ruth gets to feeling better soon.

Happy 2008!
Dave said…
Happy 2008 Everyone. Ruth is feeling better and appreciates everyones comments. That was a cold day but the ice climbers were really neat.
Meggie said…
Dave, thanks for the comment about my memory card problem. I agree, it sure sounds as if it's a capacity problem. Though I'm well within the limits of KBs or MBs and file size of each photo, I'm wondering if the photo size, pixels, has anything to do with it all?? I would also expect a "memory card full" message on my computer screen instead of some mumbo jumbo about the composition of the next photo. My Mother will be happy with the photos already on the memory card and will never know the difference. But I want to know just for the sake of logic....or obsession? Thanks again!