We had a white Christmas

I woke up yesterday morning to the snow falling outside. It was a nice surprise since there was no prediction of snow and we are way below the amount of snow we usually have by this time of year. The morning's prediction was 3-6 inches and that had already fell before I woke up.

I figured I could go down to West Chester Lagoon and get some fresh snow shots before I had to get busy with Christmas Day stuff at my house. Ruth had to work until 4 so I had everyone coming over after that. I also figured I be the only one there. Silly me, I figured wrong.

Lots of people were out enjoying the fresh snow fall. Everyone that passed said "Good Morning" or "Merry Christmas". I expected to see more wildlife, but all I saw was one Raven and One Bald eagle. The bald caught me off guard. The flying away shot was the best, but his white tail feathers look good. I think this is the same one I took pix's of earlier this winter.

The last shot is of the Port of Anchorage looking from West Chester Lagoon looking across the mud flats. The tide is out and it looks like there are a lot of rocks and boulders. It's the ice from the inlet all broken up fro the tide going out. During the summer it's mostly flat.

I had a great Christmas Day and I hope you all did also.

Click pix's to enlarge. Blogger was messing with me today so it should be interesting to see what the picture alignment is like.


Marvin said…
Glad you enjoyed your unexpected white Christmas.
Meggie said…
A white cool! Lucky you! We had an unusually warm holiday, but I'm not complaining. Glad you and Ruth had a good holiday.
Dave said…
Marvin - I did. Fresh snow is always nice. You have the clean white look, the silent blanket and then of course all the fun.

Meggie - We had a very good holiday. Thanks.
robin andrea said…
Looks like the perfect Alaska holiday weather. Quite beautiful. You remind me how much I miss seeing eagles.