Yep, I voted

Well, yesterday actually. I must admit, this is a very unusual election. This is the first time I voted in a national election since moving to Wasilla. It's also the first time I voted early. It's also the first time I waited in line for over an hour to just get a ballot and then another 10 minutes to get a booth. I'm use to walking right in and getting a ballot, then going into a booth, vote and then leave in under maybe 10 minutes. No, election day isn't until next Tuesday, but for me it's done except for the results.

I'm not going to offer any political opinions, pitches or anything like that. I spent 20 years of my life protecting your right to vote for anyone you want, no matter how right or wrong you might be. I've never told anyone in my life, except a spouse, who I was voting for. I was taught that it is a personal decision that you must make on your own. Do the research, watch the news, read the mailers, talk to the candidates if you can and then go for it. I believe in that more now because there is so much wrong information on all sides being put out by the social networks and the media.

I wrote back in 2010 on how the phone got quiet after the elections. Read here. What's nice this time around is I don't have a land line, just a cell phone. Last time around I would tease the survey takers by putting the phone in front of the laptop and play the opening screen of "Full Metal Jacket" when the recruits meet the DI.

This time around I'm also not bombarded with it on TV either. I don't have cable or can I pick up local channels. I watched the debates online through Twitter and all I got out of it was a migraine, through no fault of Twitter.

So, for all the people that are talking about how stressful this election is, I guess I'm keeping it to a minimum. I don't discus it with friends, because I'd like to keep them as friends. All I hope for is that whom ever ends up in office, does it with dignity, makes good decisions and keeps the wishes of the people in mind.


Diane said…
I voted too! I voted for YOU! I thought you were voting for me! I will be so glad when this election is over, hope they don't start on the next one immediately.
You tired of campaigning?
NC Sue said…
I voted last week - glad to beat the lines.
I'm so VERY glad that this election is about over.
Thanks for linking up at
Jedidja said…
It is good this time is over now for you and the other Americans :-)
Rhonda Albom said…
I voted a month early (absentee ballot). Good on all who voted out there.
Esha said…
Good to know you voted. Whatever the outcome, it's got to be accepted now!
bj said…
I am sooooooo glad it's all over....the ugliest campaign I've seen in my loooong lifetime...
Since Mr. Trump won it fair and square, I am hoping no contesting will follow. I don't think it will. I am disappointed that there's protests going on in some of the larger cities here but that seems to be a way of life now days. I just wonder what they expect to accomplish.