The phone is quiet now

The election calls have stopped. I study my candidates, watch the debates and read the literature. I've never changed my mind on who or what I was going to vote for because of a phone call.

I was going to drop my home phone line. I've had the same number for almost 20 years. Most people call me on my cell phone now. I guess they now they'll find me if they call it. I contacted my telephone provider and it was going to cost me $30 more a month to drop my home phone because of the discounts of the package I got for internet and cable TV. I guess I'll save money and keep it. Problem is I need a new phone. My old one is duct taped together and the battery won't hold a long charge. SHEESH!

I guess I'll go to Office Depot today and get one. Answering machine , yes. Call ignore, yes.
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robin andrea said…
It's nice to not have to answer the phone. I particularly like caller ID.
Meggie said…
I know what you mean about the package deal. I agree with Robin, caller ID is the best!