A Good Morning!!!

This week was an up and down week all week long. Both business and personal was not a smooth ride. I'm ready for the weekend and some pick me ups. So it was good to start off Friday with a little excitement. I drove past the Bird TLC property and there were two moose having breakfast, mom and a calf. They are always cool to watch.
I drove a little farther down the road and two immature eagles, both being pursued by a couple of ravens, flew right in front of me and perched in a tree over the road. I knew they were up to something because they had that look.
I pulled off the road and walked back towards the tree they had perched in. I knew something was around they were looking for, but I couldn't see anything jumping out at me. Then I heard water splashing. There were some salmon still trying to swim up stream. This was one small stream, but sure enough there it was. The eagles were trying to figure out how to get down to them through the brush and stuff.
This time of year also turns into corvid time. Love those magpies.
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robin andrea said…
That does look like a very good morning. Quite a sight to see that snow there already. Love that magpie and the stream.
Gouldiae said…
G'day Dave,
I can see how some sightings like that would smooth out a rough week. I love your Moose shots - nuthin' like that around here! How about that snow. Do you have a problem with white balance settings for snow shots?
Dave said…
Robin - We've got more snow since then. I think winter is here.

G - white balance can be a problem. A good polarizing filter helps. Some cameras have presets and some allow for manual adjustments for white balance. Mine does both. If I'm shooting fast, I shoot in auto. If I'm shooting slow, I go to manual.