A white Thanksgiving

It was nice to awake yesterday to beautiful fresh and still falling snow. We've had a couple days of it warming up to the mid thirties to low forties with an almost constant rain. Everything was gray and pretty much colorless. There was no photography motivation at all.

I was a little slow starting. For one, I slept in a little. Something I hardly ever do, so I got a little of a late start. I was supposed to be at my friends house about 2PM for Thanksgiving dinner, but I figured they wouldn't mind if I was a little late.

It's tough shooting when it's snowing heavy. Your camera always wants to focus on the snow flake closest to your nose and not always the subject you're shooting.
It was pretty quiet out. I went down to the Ship Creek area because there are hardly any shops, restaurants or homes in that area, so I figured not much vehicle or foot traffic. I was right. But there was plenty of snow and it snowed all day long. That fresh blanket of snow just cushioned the sound of everything making it extra quiet.

It's nice when you can go out with minimal interruption and you can enjoy things. The Ship Creek trail goes through an industrial area, so I was able to get a mixture of shots.

It's evident that the holiday season is upon us by the decorations that are out. From the new balloon type to the more traditional lights. I prefer the traditional, but the more modern ones you can get pretty creative with.

Did you ever notice that most of the time Mother Nature surprises you when you have the wrong lens on your camera? I had moved to the Ship Creek dam and was drinking a latte'. I'm just kind of gazing around looking for something to shoot when I'm thinking "That's a big raven". It wasn't a raven, it was an immature bald eagle that flew right over my truck. I was totally unprepared, so that's my shot that got away.

I kicked myself and started hiking on the trail. There were magpie's and ravens seemed like everywhere's. I heard an eagle calling and looked up at mature bald eagle perched in a tree and I saw another eagle headed right towards it. Again wrong lens.

It was an immature headed towatds the other one, probably the one that buzzed me earlier.The immature landed on the perch the mature was on, running the mature off. This is the best shot I got. Sheesh!

Anyways, I got in some photography before dinner. A bad trip out shooting is better than none at all. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!


robin andrea said…
A fresh blanket of snow is always a beautiful thing. Nice you had some time to hike around in it on Thanksgiving Day.
Dave said…
Me too Robin. I was a motivator for sure!